Why is a Basic Income paid on an individual basis?

In the final (for now) instalment of our series of blogs covering the basics of a Basic Income, Basic Income Network Scotland volunteer Luke Brotherdale Smith looks at why a Basic Income is paid to individuals not households. You can find the rest of the series here. A Basic Income is paid to all individuals, … Read moreWhy is a Basic Income paid on an individual basis?

Why are Basic Income payments uniform?

CONVERSATIONS about Basic Income have been springing up across Scotland in recent months following the publication of the feasibility study in June. These debates are vital if Scotland is to progress with a Basic Income pilot, and to support these conversations, we felt it important to go back to basics and unpack what Basic Income … Read moreWhy are Basic Income payments uniform?

A huge week for Basic Income

This week represents an incredibly exciting moment for the Basic Income movement as the draft final report on the feasibility of a Basic Income is released on Thursday, before being submitted to the Scottish Government later in the month. This article gives an overview to what the report is all about and hints at what … Read moreA huge week for Basic Income

S.O.S: Save Our Self-Employed

Chancellor Sunak yesterday missed the opportunity to provide genuine security and support for self-employed workers across the UK. After leaving them in limbo for days, we welcome the chancellor’s attempts to find a solution to the anxiety faced by millions. However creating more conditionality, complexity and a waiting period until June, does nothing other than … Read moreS.O.S: Save Our Self-Employed

It’s a big year for Basic Income.

…Especially in Scotland! What’s happening? Where is it happening? Why are we so excited? It might look like we’ve been quiet recently, but it’s about to be a big year for Basic Income. Kicking things off  is the launch of a new project, the Basic Income Conversation, co-founded by CBINS director Cleo. CBINS will be … Read moreIt’s a big year for Basic Income.

Why we’re optimistic about the potential Scottish Basic Income pilots

The most rigorous and insightful Basic Income pilot?

The potential Basic Income pilots in Scotland have the time and resources that other recent pilots have appeared to lack.

Basic Income: Real Lives

How would basic income benefit you?

At CBINS we believe in giving voice to as many as possible, so we would like to hear from anyone who feels a basic income could benefit them.

Ontario Basic Income Pilot: A participant’s perspective

When discussing basic income it is easy to get lost in ideological and political discussion, or economics on a macro scale, forgetting the most important factor: people’s daily lives. Here we have an exclusive, honest and detailed account from someone who has participated in a basic income pilot, and the ways in which it impacted his life.

Why universal basic income costs far less than you think

Want to get rid of poverty, lessen inequality and provide financial stability in a world of precarious work? Well, why not simply give everyone enough money to ensure basic sustenance?

Exploring Basic Income in Scotland

From September – November 2018 we are hosting a series of workshops to unite practitioners, policy makers and academics in an exploration of Basic Income in Scotland. This series is funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute (SUII) in partnership with Heriot-Watt and University of Edinburgh. We will cover issues that intersect with Basic Income, … Read moreExploring Basic Income in Scotland