A huge week for Basic Income

This week represents an incredibly exciting moment for the Basic Income movement as the draft final report on the feasibility of a Basic Income is released on Thursday, before being submitted to the Scottish Government later in the month. This article gives an overview to what the report is all about and hints at what … Read moreA huge week for Basic Income

Unskilled workers to Key workers. The foundations of a brave new world?

  Luke explores the transformation of ‘unskilled’ workers to key workers and how its time we gave them the respect, security and power they deserve. He writes that for too long these workers have provided the foundation for our way of life whilst their wealthy employers attract the praise and profits. But now is the … Read moreUnskilled workers to Key workers. The foundations of a brave new world?

Coronavirus, the budget and Basic Income?

Coronavirus is on everyone’s lips and its increasiblgy demonstrating the failure of current systems to protect people. As the budget seems to suggest a change in direction, could the door to a Basic Income be creeping open? And with more and more of civil society closing down is a Basic Income needed right now?

Two More Basic Income Events in November

Citizen's Basic Income Network Scotland logo

There are another two basic income related events being held in Scotland before the month is out. One in Edinburgh, one in Glasgow. Both are free. Basic Income & Time or Money? Following on from the CBINS organised, Basic Income & Time or Money? event in Glasgow last week, Edinburgh will next play host to … Read moreTwo More Basic Income Events in November

Standing’s Eight Giants: Introduction

In this blog Luke Brotherdale Smith talks about how his passion for the Basic Income has developed and introduces a series of articles he is writing. Over the next eight weeks Luke will analyse the eight giants Guy Standing sees as haunting modern Britain and will explore how a Basic Income can combat them. Luke … Read moreStanding’s Eight Giants: Introduction

As an artist, a Basic Income would transform my life

Basic Income would be an amazing help for artists like me

Scottish artist Jenny Lupton details the difficulties she finds trying to sustain a living through her art and passion, and how a Basic Income would help.

Why we’re optimistic about the potential Scottish Basic Income pilots

The most rigorous and insightful Basic Income pilot?

The potential Basic Income pilots in Scotland have the time and resources that other recent pilots have appeared to lack.