Should we welcome Silicon Valley’s support for basic income?

An excellent recent article in Wired, The Paradox of Universal Basic Income, made several interesting points about, among other things, the impact of political motivation on basic income schemes (principally the decision by a conservative government in Finland to only give basic income to the unemployed). It’s a good read. But why is a magazine … Read moreShould we welcome Silicon Valley’s support for basic income?

Ronnie Cowan MSP welcomes Reform Scotland report on Citizen’s Basic Income

On December 5th Ronnie Cowan issued the following press release: SNP MP WELCOMES SUPPORT FOR UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME FROM ‘REFORM SCOTLAND’ SNP MP Ronnie Cowan has welcomed further debate about a basic income guarantee from ‘Reform Scotland’. In a briefing published today, the think tank has said it welcomes the Scottish Government’s move to evaluate … Read moreRonnie Cowan MSP welcomes Reform Scotland report on Citizen’s Basic Income

Is Automation a Man’s Argument for CBI?

The bulk of contemporary political and economic arguments in support of a universal citizen’s basic income recently appears to centre on the threat of automation “Quick the robots are coming, the peasants will revolt – let’s give them a basic income!” or “Quick the robots are coming, we need an alternate income source” It is … Read moreIs Automation a Man’s Argument for CBI?

Alternative Economics and UBI from Upstream

Upstream is a podcast about alternative economics and the role it could play in systemic change. The latest episodes focus on Universal Basic Income, the first as an introduction to the topic and the second on whether a basic income could help bring about the end of capitalism as the dominant economic paradigm. These docu-episodes … Read moreAlternative Economics and UBI from Upstream

Stubborn over Modern

I’m 32. Born 1984. Margaret Thatcher was my Prime Minister (Scotland had no parliament).  I was only allowed to experience free school milk up until the age of seven, after that my mother was expected to pay. My mother brought me up as a single parent (therefore unemployed and forced to become dependent on state … Read moreStubborn over Modern

Basic Income changed my life

By Anne van Dalen, first woman to receive a BI in the Netherlands @vanDalenAnne How did my BI come about It all started in 2014 after donating €5 to a crowdfunding initiative called (transl. our basic income) which aims to raise funds to provide someone a basic income in order to gain insight in … Read moreBasic Income changed my life

Taxing Questions

Let’s look at how the UK can pay for UBI in the future. Any stats quoted are from UK government sources, or quoted as such by various publications/reports. Some figures are obviously guesstimates – even official figures. The UK migration figures are a very good example of this, as they are collated via an International Passenger … Read moreTaxing Questions

A New Social Contract

In the previous blog post, I highlighted how rapidly our world of work is being automated and radically changed by the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). From China’s iPhone factories, to the giant retail warehouses of the UK, jobs are being lost – and they’re never coming back. In the same way that the Luddites … Read moreA New Social Contract

The AI Curve and Why Universal Basic Income is The Only Solution

You’ve probably heard of a `tick’ or hockey stick curve. It’s a device statistics experts often use to show how a trend starts slowly, and then rapidly accelerates upwards, as people buy a product, change jobs, search online for something etc. Right now, we are in the little dip in that hockey stick curve when … Read moreThe AI Curve and Why Universal Basic Income is The Only Solution

Individualism has had its day

A Citizen’s Basic Income (BI) is an idea I’ve believed in for many years, without necessarily ever knowing of any particular name for it – but believing in the principle of having a minimum quality of life made possible through the application of a basic income; until during the Scottish Indyref when I learned about … Read moreIndividualism has had its day

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