We’re out of money and forgotten The voice of the self-employed

Yesterday we published our response to the measures the government announced to support self-employed workers during the Covid-19 crisis. But more than simply giving our analysis of the situation, we wanted to reach out and hear from self-employed workers about their experiences, and give a voice and platform to a group often marginalised and forgotten. … Read moreWe’re out of money and forgotten The voice of the self-employed

S.O.S: Save Our Self-Employed

Chancellor Sunak yesterday missed the opportunity to provide genuine security and support for self-employed workers across the UK. After leaving them in limbo for days, we welcome the chancellor’s attempts to find a solution to the anxiety faced by millions. However creating more conditionality, complexity and a waiting period until June, does nothing other than … Read moreS.O.S: Save Our Self-Employed

A letter from Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland: Basic Income Now

  The country and continent are facing unprecedented times with never a greater need for societies to be pulling together to protect and preserve lives, wellbeing and values. Alongside the 2.8 million Scots on pensions and social security benefits, almost 1 in 4 of the workforce are self- employed, entrepreneurs or other members of the … Read moreA letter from Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland: Basic Income Now

We need an emergency Basic Income now

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal Basic Income has started cropping up in news headlines, with politicians from across the political spectrum petitioning to institute an emergency Basic Income in the UK. This comes out of an urgent need address the hardships people are facing due to the pandemic and remove the financial … Read moreWe need an emergency Basic Income now

Coronavirus, the budget and Basic Income?

Coronavirus is on everyone’s lips and its increasiblgy demonstrating the failure of current systems to protect people. As the budget seems to suggest a change in direction, could the door to a Basic Income be creeping open? And with more and more of civil society closing down is a Basic Income needed right now?

Scott Santens – ‘Mr. Basic Income’

CBINS volunteer Andrew Moran shares his thoughts on finding out about – and becoming an advocate of – Basic Income, and how the work of blogger and writer Scott Santens has played a major part in this process for him. Andrew Moran, CBINS Volunteer Twitter: @andrewjmoran67 Here in Scotland, as we are moving towards the … Read moreScott Santens – ‘Mr. Basic Income’

Basic Income and the blurring of art and life – A Q&A with Toby Lloyd

Toby Lloyd is a Newcastle-based artist who’s currently working on a long term project about how art might be used to explore public attitudes towards work (paid and unpaid), how free time is valued and if Universal Basic Income could enable us to become more active citizens. One part of this project, called Between Eating … Read moreBasic Income and the blurring of art and life – A Q&A with Toby Lloyd

Re-Imagining Resilience

Jennie Knights makes the case for thinking differently about resilience and considers how a basic income could transform how we respond to life’s challenges. Jennifer Knights, Postgraduate Researcher and Health Service Manager Twitter: @JennieK1984  Workforce pressures. Efficiencies. Prioritising services. Ten years on from the 2008 global financial crisis and for those of us who work … Read moreRe-Imagining Resilience

Basic Income and Poverty

Today is the final day of ‘Challenge Poverty Week’ and in this article Luke explores the current reality of poverty in the UK. Touching on widespread myths of the causes of poverty, Luke goes on to explore how a Basic Income will be a radically transformative policy in tackling the issue.  The fact that we … Read moreBasic Income and Poverty

Profile: Challenging Inverclyde Poverty

This week is Challenge Poverty Week, so on the blog we’re focusing on how Basic Income can do just that. Challenge Poverty Week is all about how in our society, everyone should be able to live a dignified life, fulfilling our potential and upholding our responsibility to each other – values that are also integral … Read moreProfile: Challenging Inverclyde Poverty

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