Imagine if you received an income that wasn’t coming from an employer. Every citizen gets one, and it is not withdrawn if your circumstances change. You get a payment your entire life, from the day you are born. The money is for you to spend as you choose. This is a Basic Income: a guaranteed income for every citizen, that is enough to live on.

A Basic Income (or Citizen’s Income) would represent a major step forward for equality, fairness, and a human right to be free from poverty. It would replace a lot of the current benefits and personal tax allowances system with an unconditional, non-withdrawable payment to each Scottish citizen.


We are a volunteer led, educational charity advocating for a Basic Income in Scotland. We support a network of Basic Income advocates – providing training and a platform for discussion. We lend our expertise to government and share the stories of people who would benefit from a Basic Income.

Now is the time to join the discussion and shape the future of Basic Income in Scotland. We provide events, training and support so people like you can speak with confidence about Basic Income in your community.

If you would like to find out more or get involved please get in touch via team@cbin.scot.




As an artist, a Basic Income would transform my life

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Scottish artist Jenny Lupton details the difficulties she finds trying to sustain a living through her art and passion, and how a Basic Income would help.
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Precarity: Standing’s Eight Giants

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In this series Luke explores the Eight Modern Giants introduced by Economist Guy Standing in his recent report Basic Income as Common Dividends. Here we look at Precarity, perhaps the most abstract of the Giants but something that has a profound impact on the way we experience the modern world. Luke Brotherdale-Smith, Citizen's Basic Income…
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Basic Income and mental health: the importance of lived experience

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This Wednesday, 25th September, we're hosting an Edinburgh meet-up focusing on Basic Income and mental health. Our speaker for this meet-up will be Lily Asch, founder of Real Talk, a social enterprise dedicated to storytelling for mental wellbeing. We thought that made for a good opportunity to reflect on the things that discussions about mental…
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Standing’s Eight Giants: Introduction

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In this blog Luke Brotherdale Smith talks about how his passion for the Basic Income has developed and introduces a series of articles he is writing. Over the next eight weeks Luke will analyse the eight giants Guy Standing sees as haunting modern Britain and will explore how a Basic Income can combat them. Luke…
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Inside the DWP – Debt and UCD372

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A current employee of the Department of Work and Pensions approached us wanting to share insight into the distressing treatment of people currently dependent on the benefits system. They stressed the need for a dramatic change in our welfare system and advocated for a move to a basic income. Anonymous Employee of the Department of…
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