Basic Income Earth Network Congress 2021

Illustrations by Elizabeth McLeod

The 22nd Basic Income Earth Network Congress will be hosted online from Wednesday 18 – Saturday 21 August 2021. The theme for the Congress is idea to reality. We want to consider how we take basic income from a big idea for big change to a reality.

Basic Income Network Scotland are excited to be putting together a programme packed with perspectives on basic income in Scotland, the wider UK and around the world. We will present insights into the status of basic income in Scotland, including: the feasibility study into a Scottish basic income experiment, political attitudes and work on basic income, civil society perspectives, creative and cultural demonstrations that represent the Scottish debate.

We’re proud to be a host organisation, planning a programme that will include strands on Basic Income and COVID, the Philosophy of UBI, Basic Income Activism, definitions of a Basic Income, the Scottish Basic Income feasibility study and more, as well as plenaries featuring some big names in the field of Basic Income. 

There’ll be around 200 presentations, panels and events, making it the world’s biggest Basic Income conference! 

This will be the first time the Congress has taken place online and registration is free! If you’re able to, please donate some of what you would have spent on attendance, travel and accommodation to support our work advocating for and educating about Basic Income in Scotland. Donate here to support the Congress. 

Our call for papers has now closed. Watch this space and our Twitter and Facebook pages for programme announcements.

Register here to join the Congress.

More about the Programme

You can look forward to our very own Annie Miller will be presenting at the Congress. A co-founder of Basic Income Network Scotland, economist, academic, lecturer, basic income advocate and author, Annie has written several important books on Basic Income: A Basic Income Handbook (2017), A Basic Income Pocketbook (2020) and Essentials of Basic Income (2020). 

You’ll also get the chance to hear from Guy Standing, another exciting author who’s made important contributions to literature on Basic Income, including his book Plunder of the Commons: A Manifesto for Sharing Public Wealth – which Brian Eno called ‘one of the most important books I’ve read in years’! 

Other confirmed contributors include: representatives from Scotland’s Basic Income feasibility study; the Scottish Universities Insight Institute project about Basic Income and Mental Health, Peace of Mind; the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation 

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