Why is a Basic Income unconditional?

Following on from last week’s blog about why a Basic Income has no behavioural requirements, Basic Income Network Scotland board member Conor Hunter explains why a Basic Income is unconditional. You can read the rest of the series, on FAQs about the key principles of a Basic Income, here.  Basic Income should be Unconditional. What … Read moreWhy is a Basic Income unconditional?

Stay Alert? What do the UK government’s changes actually mean?

As the UK government demands its people stay alert and Rishi Sunak extends the furlough scheme, what exactly do these policy shifts mean? Luke analyses the flaws within the furlough scheme and how for many it provides increasingly little support. He asserts it is ultimately the poorest workers who are receiving a more than subtle … Read moreStay Alert? What do the UK government’s changes actually mean?

Unskilled workers to Key workers. The foundations of a brave new world?

  Luke explores the transformation of ‘unskilled’ workers to key workers and how its time we gave them the respect, security and power they deserve. He writes that for too long these workers have provided the foundation for our way of life whilst their wealthy employers attract the praise and profits. But now is the … Read moreUnskilled workers to Key workers. The foundations of a brave new world?

S.O.S: Save Our Self-Employed

Chancellor Sunak yesterday missed the opportunity to provide genuine security and support for self-employed workers across the UK. After leaving them in limbo for days, we welcome the chancellor’s attempts to find a solution to the anxiety faced by millions. However creating more conditionality, complexity and a waiting period until June, does nothing other than … Read moreS.O.S: Save Our Self-Employed

Coronavirus, the budget and Basic Income?

Coronavirus is on everyone’s lips and its increasiblgy demonstrating the failure of current systems to protect people. As the budget seems to suggest a change in direction, could the door to a Basic Income be creeping open? And with more and more of civil society closing down is a Basic Income needed right now?

Health, Poverty and Basic Income

I work in a busy, urban hospital in Canada. People come to our Emergency Department and Clinics because they suffer workplace accidents, or family violence, or flare-ups of chronic conditions. They are our patients because they live in inadequate housing, and eat poor diets, and work at brutish jobs if they are fortunate enough to … Read moreHealth, Poverty and Basic Income

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