Why is a Basic Income paid on an individual basis?

In the final (for now) instalment of our series of blogs covering the basics of a Basic Income, Basic Income Network Scotland volunteer Luke Brotherdale Smith looks at why a Basic Income is paid to individuals not households. You can find the rest of the series here. A Basic Income is paid to all individuals, … Read moreWhy is a Basic Income paid on an individual basis?

Why are Basic Income payments uniform?

CONVERSATIONS about Basic Income have been springing up across Scotland in recent months following the publication of the feasibility study in June. These debates are vital if Scotland is to progress with a Basic Income pilot, and to support these conversations, we felt it important to go back to basics and unpack what Basic Income … Read moreWhy are Basic Income payments uniform?

A huge week for Basic Income

This week represents an incredibly exciting moment for the Basic Income movement as the draft final report on the feasibility of a Basic Income is released on Thursday, before being submitted to the Scottish Government later in the month. This article gives an overview to what the report is all about and hints at what … Read moreA huge week for Basic Income

Stay Alert? What do the UK government’s changes actually mean?

As the UK government demands its people stay alert and Rishi Sunak extends the furlough scheme, what exactly do these policy shifts mean? Luke analyses the flaws within the furlough scheme and how for many it provides increasingly little support. He asserts it is ultimately the poorest workers who are receiving a more than subtle … Read moreStay Alert? What do the UK government’s changes actually mean?

Coronavirus, the budget and Basic Income?

Coronavirus is on everyone’s lips and its increasiblgy demonstrating the failure of current systems to protect people. As the budget seems to suggest a change in direction, could the door to a Basic Income be creeping open? And with more and more of civil society closing down is a Basic Income needed right now?

Insecurity: Standing’s Eight Giants

In this series Luke explores the Eight Modern Giants introduced by Economist Guy Standing in his recent report Basic Income as Common Dividends. This second article focuses on Insecurity and how the ideologically driven cutting back of social security has led to chronic uncertainty. He then explores the importance of basic security, and how a … Read moreInsecurity: Standing’s Eight Giants

Ontario Basic Income Pilot: A participant’s perspective

When discussing basic income it is easy to get lost in ideological and political discussion, or economics on a macro scale, forgetting the most important factor: people’s daily lives. Here we have an exclusive, honest and detailed account from someone who has participated in a basic income pilot, and the ways in which it impacted his life.

Feasibility Study: Will the public support a basic income pilot?

Previously we looked at what a feasibility study is, and what it is trying to achieve, as well as examining the likelihood of a pilot gaining political support. In this instalment we consider how we can create popular demand for a pilot. Dr Benjamin Simmons, Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland Trustee @vforfive There is little … Read moreFeasibility Study: Will the public support a basic income pilot?

Bairns Come First

In this guest blog, Rhona from Fife Gingerbread looks at how a basic income could transform the issues surrounding child poverty. Fife Gingerbread supports lone parent, vulnerable and disadvantaged families across Fife. Rhona Cunningham, Fife Gingerbread #BairnsComeFirst Child poverty is finally getting attention from the Scottish Government, but what do people think of when they … Read moreBairns Come First

Health, Poverty and Basic Income

I work in a busy, urban hospital in Canada. People come to our Emergency Department and Clinics because they suffer workplace accidents, or family violence, or flare-ups of chronic conditions. They are our patients because they live in inadequate housing, and eat poor diets, and work at brutish jobs if they are fortunate enough to … Read moreHealth, Poverty and Basic Income

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