Ontario Basic Income Pilot: A participant’s perspective

When discussing basic income it is easy to get lost in ideological and political discussion, or economics on a macro scale, forgetting the most important factor: people’s daily lives. Here we have an exclusive, honest and detailed account from someone who has participated in a basic income pilot, and the ways in which it impacted his life.

Why universal basic income costs far less than you think

Want to get rid of poverty, lessen inequality and provide financial stability in a world of precarious work? Well, why not simply give everyone enough money to ensure basic sustenance?

Exploring Basic Income in Scotland

From September – November 2018 we are hosting a series of workshops to unite practitioners, policy makers and academics in an exploration of Basic Income in Scotland. This series is funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute (SUII) in partnership with Heriot-Watt and University of Edinburgh. We will cover issues that intersect with Basic Income, … Read moreExploring Basic Income in Scotland

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