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Upcoming events

Want to find out more about basic income? Want to know how basic income could affect you and your community? Or do you already know about basic income and want to learn how to advocate for it? Then come along to one of our events – find out more below! Can’t find an event near you? Then join our network by emailing team@cbin.scot and we can help organise one.

Basic Income and the artist
Wednesday 27th February
Woodland Creatures, Leith Walk,

Basic Income & The Artist

A piggy bank
Tuesday 2nd April
The Scottish Parliament,

Scotland 2030: A Citizen’s Income?

Saturday 9th March
The Diamond, Sheffield

Basic Income –
How do we get there?

Basic Income &... on Wednesday 27th March
Wednesday 27th February
Woodland Creatures, Leith Walk,

Basic Income & …

Past events

30th January, Woodland Creatures, Edinburgh

Meetup: What is Basic Income?