Basic Income: Real Lives

How would basic income benefit you?

At CBINS we believe in giving voice to as many as possible, so we would like to hear from anyone who feels a basic income could benefit them.

Tories’ Attack on Basic Income Pilots is Based on Fear of Results

The Scottish Conservatives’ Social Security Spokeswoman, Michelle Ballantyne has recently called the basic income pilots across Scotland an “SNP vanity project” and suggests that “the scheme should be dropped now”. At a time when universal credit is shown to be failing, the Conservatives should not be misrepresenting evidence to attack research into an alternative.  Dr … Read moreTories’ Attack on Basic Income Pilots is Based on Fear of Results

Inside the DWP – Debt and UCD372

A current employee of the Department of Work and Pensions approached us wanting to share insight into the distressing treatment of people currently dependent on the benefits system. They stressed the need for a dramatic change in our welfare system and advocated for a move to a basic income. Anonymous Employee of the Department of … Read moreInside the DWP – Debt and UCD372

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