Unskilled workers to Key workers. The foundations of a brave new world?

  Luke explores the transformation of ‘unskilled’ workers to key workers and how its time we gave them the respect, security and power they deserve. He writes that for too long these workers have provided the foundation for our way of life whilst their wealthy employers attract the praise and profits. But now is the … Read moreUnskilled workers to Key workers. The foundations of a brave new world?

Ecological Crisis: Standing’s Eight Giants

In this series Luke explores the Eight Modern Giants introduced by Economist Guy Standing in his recent report Basic Income as Common Dividends. In this article Luke discusses the ecological crisis threatening our planet and the key role a Basic Income can have in combatting the climate disaster we have created. Luke goes onto suggest global warming is a … Read moreEcological Crisis: Standing’s Eight Giants

The Changing World Of Work

The way we work is changing. From flexible working to the gig economy, many people choose not to work a standard working week or a decades-long career. After attending the “Brain Bar” conference, happiness architect Alyona Rogozhkina details how a Basic Income would better reflect current working patterns than the current system. Alyona Rogozhkina, Happiness … Read moreThe Changing World Of Work

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