Basic Income and Poverty

Today is the final day of ‘Challenge Poverty Week’ and in this article Luke explores the current reality of poverty in the UK. Touching on widespread myths of the causes of poverty, Luke goes on to explore how a Basic Income will be a radically transformative policy in tackling the issue.  The fact that we … Read moreBasic Income and Poverty

Profile: Challenging Inverclyde Poverty

This week is Challenge Poverty Week, so on the blog we’re focusing on how Basic Income can do just that. Challenge Poverty Week is all about how in our society, everyone should be able to live a dignified life, fulfilling our potential and upholding our responsibility to each other – values that are also integral … Read moreProfile: Challenging Inverclyde Poverty

As an artist, a Basic Income would transform my life

Basic Income would be an amazing help for artists like me

Scottish artist Jenny Lupton details the difficulties she finds trying to sustain a living through her art and passion, and how a Basic Income would help.

Why we’re optimistic about the potential Scottish Basic Income pilots

The most rigorous and insightful Basic Income pilot?

The potential Basic Income pilots in Scotland have the time and resources that other recent pilots have appeared to lack.

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