Basic Income and Poverty

Today is the final day of ‘Challenge Poverty Week’ and in this article Luke explores the current reality of poverty in the UK. Touching on widespread myths of the causes of poverty, Luke goes on to explore how a Basic Income will be a radically transformative policy in tackling the issue.  The fact that we … Read moreBasic Income and Poverty

How could a Basic Income support a Circular Economy?

Next week, on Wednesday 31 July, we’re hosting an Edinburgh meet-up looking at how a Basic Income could support a Circular Economy. Our speaker is Teja Hudson, a zero waste consultant and founder of Zero, a social enterprise that aims to prevent waste and improve sustainability in Scottish workplaces. In this blog Teja shares some … Read moreHow could a Basic Income support a Circular Economy?

Volunteer Social Media Coordinator

Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland is a charity campaigning for a basic income in Scotland. We support a network of basic income advocates – providing training and a platform for discussion. We lend our expertise to government and share the stories of people who would benefit from a basic income. We are an entirely volunteer-run … Read moreVolunteer Social Media Coordinator

Bairns Come First

In this guest blog, Rhona from Fife Gingerbread looks at how a basic income could transform the issues surrounding child poverty. Fife Gingerbread supports lone parent, vulnerable and disadvantaged families across Fife. Rhona Cunningham, Fife Gingerbread #BairnsComeFirst Child poverty is finally getting attention from the Scottish Government, but what do people think of when they … Read moreBairns Come First

Inside the DWP – Debt and UCD372

A current employee of the Department of Work and Pensions approached us wanting to share insight into the distressing treatment of people currently dependent on the benefits system. They stressed the need for a dramatic change in our welfare system and advocated for a move to a basic income. Anonymous Employee of the Department of … Read moreInside the DWP – Debt and UCD372

Health, Poverty and Basic Income

I work in a busy, urban hospital in Canada. People come to our Emergency Department and Clinics because they suffer workplace accidents, or family violence, or flare-ups of chronic conditions. They are our patients because they live in inadequate housing, and eat poor diets, and work at brutish jobs if they are fortunate enough to … Read moreHealth, Poverty and Basic Income

Ronnie Cowan MSP welcomes Reform Scotland report on Citizen’s Basic Income

On December 5th Ronnie Cowan issued the following press release: SNP MP WELCOMES SUPPORT FOR UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME FROM ‘REFORM SCOTLAND’ SNP MP Ronnie Cowan has welcomed further debate about a basic income guarantee from ‘Reform Scotland’. In a briefing published today, the think tank has said it welcomes the Scottish Government’s move to evaluate … Read moreRonnie Cowan MSP welcomes Reform Scotland report on Citizen’s Basic Income

Is Automation a Man’s Argument for CBI?

The bulk of contemporary political and economic arguments in support of a universal citizen’s basic income recently appears to centre on the threat of automation “Quick the robots are coming, the peasants will revolt – let’s give them a basic income!” or “Quick the robots are coming, we need an alternate income source” It is … Read moreIs Automation a Man’s Argument for CBI?

Alternative Economics and UBI from Upstream

Upstream is a podcast about alternative economics and the role it could play in systemic change. The latest episodes focus on Universal Basic Income, the first as an introduction to the topic and the second on whether a basic income could help bring about the end of capitalism as the dominant economic paradigm. These docu-episodes … Read moreAlternative Economics and UBI from Upstream

Stubborn over Modern

I’m 32. Born 1984. Margaret Thatcher was my Prime Minister (Scotland had no parliament).  I was only allowed to experience free school milk up until the age of seven, after that my mother was expected to pay. My mother brought me up as a single parent (therefore unemployed and forced to become dependent on state … Read moreStubborn over Modern

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