We’re hosting an event in Edinburgh next week!


On November 29th at the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh, Basic Income Network Scotland and Basic Income Conversation will host  ‘A Basic Income for Scotland

We’re really excited to be hosting our first live event since 2019, where we will have an evening of speakers, dynamic discussion and live music, all brought together by a vision for a more fair, empowered and creative Scotland.

With less than a year before the proposed Scottish Independence Referendum on October 19th 2023, it is crucial that any vision for Scotland moving forward includes a Basic Income.

As a result, over the next twelve months Basic Income Network Scotland are launching a campaign which seeks to centre Basic Income within discussions for Scotland’s future, starting with this event. 

We are delighted to welcome Karyn Mcluskey, the chief executive of Community Justice Scotland and Craig Dalzell, Head of Policy from Common Weal, as speakers able to explore Basic Income from contrasting, but equally important perspectives.

We are excited to have Scottish band BOOTlace performing an acoustic set in the evening, as well as giving them space to share their experiences as artists in Scotland, imagining how a Basic Income would shape the possibilities of creatives across the country.

At the heart of this campaign for a Basic Income in Scotland is not only that the scheme has the potential to eradicate poverty, empower people’s autonomy and reduce the epidemic of stress, but through this economic security comes the unleashing of creativity, entrepreneurship and the freedom of time to pursue our dreams.

As the world seems to descend into further chaos, inequality deepens as billionaires exist whilst there are people unable to afford the basics to live, discussion surrounding Scotland’s future will only become more intense, emotional and urgent.

We want to be part of and drive these discussions, with a vision for a fair, and compassionate Scotland at its core.

As Basic Income Network Scotland launch this campaign with an evening of dynamic discussion, thought provoking perspectives and a music illustration of Scotland’s creativity, we would love you to join us for the start of an exciting year.

Practical info:

The event will be free to attend but you can book your place here. There will be a bar serving soft drinks and alcohol at The Wee Red Bar’s very reasonable prices. The Wee Red is situated within Edinburgh College of Art and is entirely on the ground floor with step-free, ramped access. There is an accessible toilet in the same corridor as the venue and toilets within the venue are gender neutral. Many buses stop close to Edinburgh College of Art and it is approximately a 20-minute walk from Waverley Railway Station via the Grassmarket. The venue can be accessed from the central courtyard at ECA and is straight ahead if entering the campus via Lady Lawson Street.

Please get in touch if you have any additional questions about access and travel. 

Our Speakers:

Karyn’s work at Community Justice Scotland centres around creating a more compassionate justice system, with her radical understanding revealing the connections between economic security, community support and crime prevention.

Craig’s work in Common Weal has provided a Scottish roadmap to economic, social and environmental justice, with rigorous policy documents including on Basic Income articulating exactly how Scotland can bring these once hopeful futures into a present reality.

We look forward to seeing lots of you there! You can book your free ticket here

If you have friends who think would also be interested in Basic Income please invite them too! If you use Facebook and want use that to invite friends, there is an event page here


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