About us

Basic Income Network Scotland is an educational charity. Our aim is to raise awareness of the benefits that a basic income would bring to Scotland.

We are a charity that supports a network of basic income advocates – providing training and a platform for discussion. We lend our expertise to government and share the stories of people who would benefit from a basic income.

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Flo Cairns – Vice-Chair
Flo is a returning Scot: born in Stirling, she moved to Edinburgh last year from Oxford having left the Home Office to take a gap year. She trained as a chartered accountant and worked in business consultancy in the UK, USA and in post-apartheid South Africa. Her own research, her work with The Equality Trust as @MyFairEdinburgh and volunteering with Citizens Advice Edinburgh has given her insight into social equality issues and she feels strongly, in line with the evidence, that social inequality is growing and damaging us all in society. She considers that basic income is one of the most significant tools to counter this & Basic Income Network Scotland will be instrumental in the creation of better public understanding and from this understanding a greater appetite and, ultimately a demand, for it.

Mike Danson – Chair
Mike Danson is Chair of Basic Income Network Scotland, an economist and Professor of Enterprise Policy at Heriot-Watt University. He has researched and written on a wide range of economic development, poverty and policy issues, and advised local, national and international governments, agencies and other organisations for over 40 years. With 14 books, over 300 papers and official reports, he is a well-known commentator on a diverse range of themes including community resilience, the economic impact of minority languages, microbreweries, early onset dementia, rural and peripheral Europe. Mike is also convenor of the Jimmy Reid Foundation and a trustee of Nordic Horizons.

Gordon Dickson
Gordon is Treasurer of the Scottish Green Party and a member of the executive committee of Scottish CND. He has experience of working with many leading arts organisations and trade unions. Twitter: @infinitelawn

Conor Hunter – Treasurer
Conor is a Chartered Accountant who has worked in the UK, Belgium and Australia with small, medium and large entities in the public, private and charity sectors. He has a keen interest in the performing arts and public speaking, has received a Distinguished Toastmaster award from Toastmasters International and runs Leith’s Gigglejam Comedy Club.

Calum McIntosh

Annie Miller
Retired academic economist, lecturer, author, basic Income advocate, Annie Miller was a co-founding member in 1984 of what is now the charity, Citizen’s Basic Income Trust (CBIT), and also of the Basic Income European/Earth Network (BIEN) in 1986. She also co-founded the Basic Income Network Scotland in 2016. Her main interests are: Defining basic income; Basic income and women; Basic income, work incentives and labour supply; Designing and costing BI schemes for the UK and for a fully fiscally-devolved Scotland. She is the author of A Basic Income Handbook (2017), A Basic Income Pocketbook (2020) and Essentials of Basic Income (2020), Edinburgh: Luath Press.

Jack Scott – Secretary
Jack has an MSc in Political Communication and is keen to apply his research on online policy advocacy and the Basic Income movement to further the cause in Scotland.

Alex Thorburn