Basic Income: Real Lives

Basic Income: Real Lives

There are multiple people within and for the basic income movement who, for various reasons, have come to see basic income as a plus for society, and for whom it has become a cause worth pursuing. Many more people may be unaware of it, who could benefit from it, or who are familiar with it but unsure how to the join the conversation. At CBINS we believe in giving voice to as many as possible, so we would like to hear from anyone who feels it could benefit them.

Timothea Armour, Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland’s Editor

The theory and design of social policy, even social justice, can feel the intangible reserve of experts – policy makers, academics and so on. Social policy affects everyone however, although not everyone has a voice. This is especially true of those who are socially or economically marginalised (or both), and basic income is one policy which has the potential to help those the most.

It’s a policy that could affect so many people’s lives in a positive way, which is why we feel it is important to give a platform to different voices. No one understands someone’s personal circumstances and livelihood more than the person living it; everything else is theoretical. This understanding is crucial to developing the right frameworks for an effective policy.

Could you benefit from a basic income and would you like to write (or be interviewed for) a piece about how it would impact you?

If you have reservations or questions about such a policy then we welcome this too – all perspectives add to the discussion, and these could help form a policy that looks better for you.

Those who may particularly benefit could be:

  • Creative professionals
  • Those in careers increasingly affected by digitisation
  • Single parents
  • Those on minimum wage and or zero hour contracts
  • Carers
  • Those unhappy in their current job but who can’t afford to retrain

This list is not exhaustive; basic income has the potential to positively impact multiple demographics, and not just those at the current point of relying on welfare support. You may be a middle-earner and part of a two parent family in a relatively stable job for instance, but still benefit from it – your voice is no less important or urgent.

We would love to hear any reflections on how a basic income might affect you. What might an unconditional £5K, £15K, £20K per annum have on your livelihood, your relationships, choices and so on?

I am happy to receive written contributions, alternatively I can conduct an email or telephone interview. These can be published with your name or anonymously.

If you would like to share your view please contact me at or 07808 820784.

2 thoughts on “Basic Income: Real Lives”

  1. There have been several times in my life when BI would have been transformative. It would save lives, I’m sure, in every sense. I hope someone is able to present the argument not just in terms of immediate personal financial gain, but also the benefit to our whole society of NOT having people freezing and starving on our streets…of not having to comfort my crying child who can’t bear to eat in a cafe while an elderly woman begs in the bins outside.

  2. Scrap the discrimitive frozen pension policy and allow the pensioners to live their retirement without the financial worry that this policy inflicts. Stop the fraud !

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