Ronnie Cowan MSP welcomes Reform Scotland report on Citizen’s Basic Income

On December 5th Ronnie Cowan issued the following press release:


SNP MP Ronnie Cowan has welcomed further debate about a basic income guarantee from ‘Reform Scotland’.

In a briefing published today, the think tank has said it welcomes the Scottish Government’s move to evaluate the benefit of introducing a system in which every citizen is entitled to a basic or minimum income.

Ronnie Cowan has led the debate at Westminster on such a scheme, and was a representative at the recent International Basic Income Congress.

Ronnie Cowan SNP MP for Inverclyde commented:

“The support of Reform Scotland on the proposal and debate around the basic income is welcome and comes at a time when the idea is now receiving widespread attention.

“This is one of the reasons the Scottish Government have committed funding to support the four local authorities as they aim to design a pilot scheme.

“There is a growing awareness and interest in the idea of a basic income, so any debate we can contribute to is worthwhile – we will continue to discuss the concept of a basic income and working with those who also wish to do so.

“We should be hugely proud that Scotland is leading the way in the evolution of this important debate.”
You can read more about the recent developments on with Citizen’s Basic Income below:
Reform Scotland Briefing

Ronnie Cowan’s   Westminster debate on basic income

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