We need an emergency Basic Income now

We need an emergency Basic Income now

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal Basic Income has started cropping up in news headlines, with politicians from across the political spectrum petitioning to institute an emergency Basic Income in the UK. This comes out of an urgent need address the hardships people are facing due to the pandemic and remove the financial necessity for people to go to work when doing so places themselves or others at risk of being infected. Here you’ll find a roundup of the coverage the call for Basic Income has received so far. We’ve also included some links to useful background information on what Basic Income is, from CBINS and other organisations who work to raise awareness of and promote a Basic Income. 

Timothea Armour, CBINS blog editor

Several mainstream newspapers have this week published pieces pushing for an emergency Basic Income:

A number organisations and individuals have proposed ways of instituting a Basic Income with immediate effect:

There is also wider support than ever for a Basic Income from MPs:

From CBINS, you can find a list of resources that cover various reports into policy making and modelling for a Basic Income in Scotland. On our blog, you’ll also find coverage with more insight into these reports, as well as the potential benefits of a Basic Income in different areas of life. The Basic Income Earth Network has lots of information about Basic Income’s background and history.



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