Citizens receiving basic income are able to continue their education for longer and to return to it at any time, equipping them for life when unskilled labour becomes automated. They are freed from the anxiety that comes with poverty, their health improves, they would be able to rejoin the workforce and perhaps even start their own business. They are financially dependent on no-one else, and have the bargaining power to improve conditions in their own workplace. By replacing the current social security safety net with a fairer, more effective income security system, we will empower citizens to take control of their lives. Of course, a Basic Income is not a miracle cure for all of today’s problems but it represents significant progress towards creating a more inclusive society of healthier and happier citizens, better prepared to face the automation revolution. We believe it is not only desirable, but essential and possible. But we need your help and support. If you’d like to become a supporter you can do so here.

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