Who are CBINS?

Who are CBINS?

Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland’s mission is “to advance research and public education about the economic and social effects of Citizen’s Basic Income systems (defined here as schemes which guarantee an unconditional, non-withdrawable income payable to every citizen as a right of citizenship).”

Our aim is to educate the general public, opinion-formers and decision makers about the potential desirability and feasibility of basic income schemes. Although the concept is simple, implementation is quite complex and technical. There is no one optimum Citizen’s Basic Income scheme. However, the better informed the public, the more likely they are to persuade decision-makers to establish a suitable basic income scheme for the benefit of everyone.

One of our aims is to build a network of advocates across Scotland to enable them to promote basic income to others and build a movement to influence relevant public policy. If you would like to help us achieve this please send an email to team@cbin.scot

Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) SC046356. We were awarded charity status on 22nd February 2016 and are currently run by a board of eight Trustees, listed below:

  • Mike Danson, Chairperson
  • Siobhan Mathers, Vice Chairperson
  • Cleo Goodman, Treasurer
  • Jack Perry, Secretary
  • Ben Simmons, Director
  • Annie Miller
  • Jamie Cooke
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