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Meetup: What is Basic Income?

What is Basic Income? A meetup by Citizen's Basic Income Network Scotland

18:30 – 20:30 on Wednesday 30th January 2019
Woodland Creatures, 260-262 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 5EL

Basic income is a term that gets banded around a lot these days, but what is it? A basic income is a payment you receive your entire life, from the day you are born. It doesn’t come from an employer, in fact there are no conditions and the money is for you to spend as you choose. Basic income is a guaranteed income for every citizen, that is enough to live on.

A basic income would revolutionise the way we think about issues that reach every citizen of Scotland: poverty, our broken welfare system, work, well-being and unpaid work. Each event in this series will explore a theme and how it would be affected by a basic income.

Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland is a volunteer run charity working to open up the conversation about basic income in Scotland. We believe everyone’s contribution is valuable and host these events so people can learn about basic income, ask questions and have their say in a relaxed environment. No prior knowledge is required, we will give a brief introduction to basic income to start and welcome questions throughout.

For our first event in 2019 we will look at basic income through a wide lens, how would an unconditional income affect our communities? We’ll be hosting these events the last Wednesday of every month, keep an eye out for us announcing upcoming themes.

The Scottish Government is currently exploring how we could introduce a basic income experiment in four areas across Scotland; Edinburgh, Glasgow, North Ayrshire and Fife. Now is the time to join the discussion and shape the future of basic income in Scotland.

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