Join our board of trustees

Basic Income Scotland Network is looking for enthusiastic and passionate people to join our board of trustees.

Basic Income Network Scotland is the volunteer-led, educational charity advocating for a basic income in Scotland. We support a network of basic income advocates, providing training and a platform for discussion. We are at an exciting point of organisational growth and we are looking to build our board to support this.

We run informative and engaging events on the topic of basic income and our network of volunteers is growing rapidly. We work with organisations to help them engage with the Basic Income conversation. We organise the Parliamentary Cross Party Working Group on Basic Income to provide a forum where citizens, stakeholders and policy makers can engage in well-informed and open-minded discussion about basic income.

As a Trustee you will have a crucial role in defining Basic Income Network Scotland’s strategy for 2020 and beyond, including helping to bring the global Basic Income Earth Network Congress to Glasgow in 2021. Your role as trustee will be fundamental to shaping this congress and definitively putting Scotland at the forefront for Basic Income globally.

The role of Basic Income Network Scotland Trustee would suit anyone committed to social justice and supporting this grassroots movement educating people about what would be a truly transformational policy.

We are looking for a variety of skill-sets to support our work but we are keen to hear from anyone that would like to lend their time, expertise or networks. In particular we are looking to recruit to the role of:

  • Secretary

As Secretary, you would be responsible for organising quarterly board meetings of Basic Income Network Scotland, either online or in-person, including compiling the agenda. You would also be responsible for taking and maintaining the minutes from these meetings. As an office holder you may also be expected to act as a signatory on the charity’s bank account and govern other aspects of the charity’s processes and systems.

We would also be interested in hearing from you if you have experience or interest in the following areas: event coordination, fundraising and volunteer management. 

We are also keen to hear from those whose live experience would be impacted by a basic income, for example care, disability, the benefits system, workers rights, the arts.

As a trustee, you would also be expected to:

  • Communicate effectively with the Basic Income Network Scotland board, volunteer team and network.
  • Take on responsibility for developing and achieving Basic Income Network Scotland’s strategic goals.
  • Occasionally dedicate time to working on Basic Income Network Scotland projects.
  • Lend expertise, skills and connections relevant to the work of Basic Income Network Scotland.
  • Endeavour to attend all four of the quarterly Basic Income Network Scotland board meetings each year.

If you are interested please send a CV and covering letter to by Friday 30th October 2020.

If you have any questions then please contact our Secretary, Jack Perry, at