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Cleo Goodman

On basic income: “From the moment I heard of the concept I was sold. I think it’s a powerful way to show everyone in a community that you respect them. Telling someone you think they should receive an unconditional income throughout their life is radical, it’s amazing the reactions you get! But I truly believe we should all have the means to survive with dignity, regardless of work status, regardless of circumstance.” 

Cleo works for The Melting Pot, one of the first coworking spaces in the world and Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation. She has been running their events programme for the last 2 years and has recently taken on the role of Business Development and Impact, helping TMP develop new services and to increase and effectively measure their social impact. 

Through The Melting Pot Cleo has come into contact with the full spectrum of organisational structures, from social enterprises to freelancers, charities to private business. This has inspired a keen interest in the “future of work”, both coworking and basic income are a central part of the future of work Cleo hopes to see. 

Cleo fulfils a variety of roles at CBINS: treasurer of the board, volunteer coordinator, event planner, email writer, outreacher, administrator, spreadsheet maker and blog author (one day). If you have any questions about basic income, our work or getting involved drop her an email cleo,goodman@cbin.scot.