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My favourite thing about basic income is the way that it opens up a conversation about social justice with pretty much any audience. You can use basic income to focus on contemporary issues around gender equality just as easily as you can muse about the broader meaning of life, work and human nature. When you find someone’s passion, relate that to basic income, and explore how the two interact you are constantly in the position to learn something new and better understand society. I find that very rewarding.

As Director of CBINS I get to work with a group of people who are passionate about shaping a fairer society, and I get to take that message of hope and change to public spaces and hear from members of the public how a basic income would transform their lives in incredible ways. Together with the other Trustees I try to come up with ways for CBINS to engage more people with the idea of a basic income, in the hope that when basic income becomes a political possibility, public opinion is prepared to make it a reality.

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