Basic Income Earth Network Congress 2021

The local organising committee for the 2021 Basic Income Earth Network Congress in Glasgow are very excited to announce our call for papers. We are inviting you to submit papers and pitches for talks, workshops and other activities that should be represented at the 22nd BIEN Congress.

The theme for the Congress is idea to reality. We want to consider how we take basic income from a big idea for big change to a reality. The Congress will be hosted digitally from Thursday 18 – Saturday 21 August 2021. Exact details are to be confirmed but this will be a programme packed with perspectives on basic income in Scotland, the wider UK and around the world. We will present insights into the status of basic income in Scotland, including: the feasibility study into a Scottish basic income experiment, political attitudes and work on basic income, civil society perspectives, creative and cultural demonstrations that represent the Scottish debate.

We welcome your contribution to the Congress. To submit your proposal for consideration please complete this proposal form before the deadline Friday 16 April 2021.

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