New Basic Income Event Series in Edinburgh

If a basic income is to become a reality for Scotland we need everyone to understand how it could affect their lives. As part of our work to inform the public we have recently launched a series of events to provide information about basic income, generate discussion about the issues it would transform and to empower members of the public to join the conversation.

On Wednesday 11 July at our first meet up event in Edinburgh we will ask What is a Basic Income? Our mission is to open up the conversation about Basic Income in Scotland. We believe everyone’s contribution is valuable. These events are a chance to learn about basic income, meet other engaged local people and to have your say. How could it benefit you?

A basic income would revolutionise the way we think about issues that impact everyone in Scotland. Each event in this series will explore a theme and how it would be affected by a basic income. Keep an eye out, we will soon be announcing details of the next two meet ups: “Basic Income and Entrepreneurism” and “Parenting and Basic Income”.

This first event will look at basic income through a wide lens. No prior knowledge is required; we will give a brief introduction to the past, present and future of the concept. All events in the series are free to attend. Each week a guest speaker will provide insight into an aspect of modern life that could be improved by a basic income, such as poverty, our broken welfare system, work, well-being or unpaid work. We aim to provide a platform for all kinds of speakers, not just experts in basic income. This means we want to hear your personal stories and motivations for advocating for a basic income, after all, basic income would affect all of us in a unique way. If you are interested in providing your perspective as a speaker at one of our events, or if you have a suggestion for a theme please get in touch via

The Scottish Government is currently exploring how we could introduce Basic Income in four areas across Scotland; Edinburgh, Glasgow, North Ayrshire and Fife. Now is the time to join the discussion and shape the future of Basic Income in Scotland.

Book your ticket for our first event What is Basic Income? on Wed 11 Jul here

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